Terms and Conditions

At Fresh Thinkers we would expect all our respondents to to agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. All information provide in your registration with Fresh Thinkers is truthful and honest.

2. When contacted to see if you are suitable for a project, all criteria questions asked should be answered truthfully and honestly.

3. If recruited for a project you must arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the project

4. You must take with you a personal form of I.D, i.e driving licenseor credit card

5. Upon arrival you will be asked to sign a consent form to confirm that you are happy to participate and everything discussed during the session will be treated as private and confidential.

6. If booked to participate in a project and for any reason you are not able to attend you must inform Fresh Thinkers as soon as possible by a phone call - emails are not acceptable.

7. All incentives are paid by the 3rd party. 

8. You must be a resident of the UK and have a valid UK work permit.


Fresh Thinkers
PO Box 73611,
United Kingdom,
SE19 9DG.


Terms, Conditions and Privacy

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